Fully Automated Phone, Text Message, & E-Mail Reminders

Why do you need automated appointment reminders? Most appointment based businesses lose up to 20% of their booked appointments because of cancellations and no-shows. This can cost your business thousands of dollars in wasted time and resources, not to mention lost opportunities. These expenses and lost income can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your time is very valuable, which is why you keep to a strict schedule — any minute that you spend that isn’t with a client is a dollar you do not earn. Unfortunately, sometimes your clients forget about their appointments. This leads to lost revenues, causes disruptions in your schedule, and hurts your professional relationship. If you could give all of your client’s appointment reminders prior to their appointments, it would increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and build retention.

Our customers find that using automated appointment reminders decreases cancellations and no-shows. The average performance of all of our customers is that less than 5% of appointments are canceled or result in a no-show after the client receives a reminder. Many customers have also saved many hours of staff time with phone calls they no longer have to make. The combination of these factors results in thousands of dollars saved every year.

Our appointment reminder service will pay for itself if you eliminate JUST ONE missed appointment per month. Appointment reminders also engage with your clients and give them a sense of loyalty and create a good impression that your business is using the latest technologies.

With our service you will be able to send out customized phone reminders, text message reminders (also called SMS reminders), and E-mail reminders to your clients, so that they come in ON TIME and you GET PAID.

The Appointment Reminder Scheduling Options:

Option 1: Add Appointments in Bulk via Spreadsheet.

  • Open Spreadsheet that we provide you with.
  • Ask client if they prefer Phone, Text, or E-mail Reminders.
  • Customize your Phone, SMS, and E-Mail messages
  • Enter Appointment information into a spread sheet:
    • Doctor or Business Name
    • Next Appointment Date
    • Next Appointment Time
    • Clients Phone Number and/or E-mail address
    • Reminder Type (Phone, SMS, E-mail or any combination of the 3)
    • Reminder Send time
    • Office Number to Confirm/Cancel/Change appointment
    • Any other data you wish to contain in the message
  • Upload Spreadsheet via your accounts Secure Login or E-Mail it to us.
  • Text Message, Phone Call, and E-mail reminders will be made at specified times.
Option 2: Add Appointments Manually.
  • Login to Your Secure Account
  • Click on Calendar View
  • Enter Appointment Information
  • Text Message, Phone Call, and E-mail reminders will be made at specified times.
Option 3: Export Data from your scheduling Software
  • Export Required fields from your software and save as .CSV or .XLS file
  • Upload File via your accounts Secure Login or E-Mail it to us.
  • Text Message, Phone Call, and E-mail reminders will be made at specified times.

Security of Our Platform

Your customer’s information is completely private; all we need is the phone number to send the reminder to and the next appointment date. We have a very strict privacy policy. Our web server uses SSL security technology with strong 128/256 bit encryption as well as multiple password protected areas making it virtually impossible for anyone to see your data. No human will ever see the data you send to us because our system is 100% automated.

Benefits of our Appointment Reminder Service

  • Easy-to-Use: Send us your spreadsheet daily/weekly via our website or by e-mail.
  • Remind clients of their scheduled appointments by Phone, Text, & E-Mail.
  • If client doesn’t answer the phone a voicemail will be left automatically.
  • Easy to Add / Edit / Delete Reminders
  • View Scheduled Appointment Reminders
  • Calendar View of upcoming Appointment Reminders
  • You can Manually Add appointments using Calendar View.
  • View Stats and number of Reminders sent each month
  • 100% Customized Messages
  • No Hardware or Software needed
  • Does not tie up your office phone lines
  • No long term contracts<
  • Increase productivity of your staff
  • Decrease lost revenue resulting from "no-shows" or late arrivals.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Pricing Information
500 Reminder credits Per Month (Phone – SMS – E-mail)
$0.10 per reminder over 500
Cancel at Anytime
$99.95 Per Month - Billed Quarterly


Payments Accepted: Visa Mastercard Discover e-Check

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