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Choose campaign duration, days, and times for your advertisements and create your media type (click here to see file types). You can provide the digital media for the campaign or have our digital team create the ad for you.

Plug in your Media Content Server to an electrical Outlet and set it up in a secure place. We can also serve short-term campaigns (events, trade-shows) by utilizing a battery-powered unit. We recommend all campaigns use a "call to action" - posters, billboards, digital panels to highlight the special offers.

You gather and analyze the statistical data of your campaigns with a detailed report of the campaign's success and useful trends for you to improve your future campaigns. We then provide a detailed report of the campaign's success and useful trends for you to improve your future campaigns.

Bluetooth Marketing Comparison

Bluetooth Marketing vs. Other Types of Advertising

Businesses have been using different marketing methods to promote their products and services for years. These methods are but not limited to printing ads in newspapers, sending mail, flyers, in-store promotions, distributing coupons, billboards, broadcasting on radio and TV, telemarketing, internet and recently mobile networks.

In all methods, attracting people’s attention to a product or service is the main goal of all marketing companies, retail stores and service providers to offer and sell the product or service to as many people as possible. Here, we are trying to highlight the key capabilities of our Media Content Server for Proximity Advertising.

  • Cutting the cost of printing flyers and coupons: The costs of printing flyers and coupons are reduced dramatically when our Proximity Advertising Media Content Server does the job for you paperless.

  • Save big on cost: Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Television, and many other types of advertising are extremely expensive in comparison to Proximity Advertising Inc’s, Media Content Server which is a one-time purchase and will advertise for years to come.

  • Easy to modify: Modifying the already-printed flyers or coupons is costly and additional money needs to be sacrificed to have them re-printed. In addition, sometimes businesses have to post correction notices at their entrances to let their customers know about the mistakes in their ads, flyers, or coupons. This approach is potentially discouraging especially when a customer who ignored the correction notice may create a small confusion and unnecessary argument between the customer and the retail crew.

    Since Proximity Advertising Inc., Media Content Server broadcasts coupons or flyers as digital contents; the contents can easily be corrected, and reloaded into the device again in case of typo. The cost for this correction is almost zero and customers will always receive the most up-to-dated content.

  • Catch customers on time and at the right in place: If your store is in a shopping mall, you already know the peak time of the crowd in the mall. Turn the passers by your store or mall visitors to potential buyers of your store by targeting their mobile phones using Media Content Server. Have the Media Content Server schedule broadcasting your ads, promotions or coupons during peak hours. Also, direct the mall visitors to your retail store in the mall entrances by pushing your business ongoing promotions to their cell phones.

  • Mobile Network Marketing vs. Proximity Advertising Inc’s, Media Content Server: You cannot target the cell phones of the attendees in a public or private place using mobile network marketing method because there is no way to know the present attendees’ cell phone numbers. Our mobile marketing solution does not need people’s cell phone numbers to deliver marketing contents to them.

  • No imposed charges: When a recipient receives a text message or media content from mobile networks, he or she may be charged for the received content. Using the Media Content Server, recipients will not be charged for the content they receive contents.

  • Permission-based system: The marketing contents are delivered over secured connections to people’s mobile phones by their permission. Upon receiving an ad, the mobile owner can easily opt-in or reject the pushed contents.

  • Rapid deployment and portability: Proximity Advertising Inc., Media Content Server can easily be loaded with different digital contents so that each content chosen is scheduled independently from the other ones to broadcast at the right time. The loaded Media Content Server can easily be moved to another location to have it broadcast the contents within the new proximity.

  • Effectiveness and ease of use: The Media Content Server eliminates all additional efforts in terms of using coupons, promotions, or flyers. Imagine the coupons or flyers emailed to people must be printed out and presented to the retail business. Lacking a printer at home needs some extra efforts to have the coupon or promotion printed so that people may ignore the email. The Media Content Server sends the coupon or promotion directly to customers’ cell phones and the customer can present it easily to the store crew without having to print it.