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Choose campaign duration, days, and times for your advertisements and create your media type (click here to see file types). You can provide the digital media for the campaign or have our digital team create the ad for you.

Plug in your Media Content Server to an electrical Outlet and set it up in a secure place. We can also serve short-term campaigns (events, trade-shows) by utilizing a battery-powered unit. We recommend all campaigns use a "call to action" - posters, billboards, digital panels to highlight the special offers.

You gather and analyze the statistical data of your campaigns with a detailed report of the campaign's success and useful trends for you to improve your future campaigns. We then provide a detailed report of the campaign's success and useful trends for you to improve your future campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Phone Models currently support this type of technology?
Our technology is compatible with over 1000 cell phones from all major manufacturers ensuring the largest customer reach.

Are there any ongoing costs to run the Media Content server?
No. Apart from the initial cost, there are no ongoing costs whatsoever to running the Media Content Server.

Can I change the content on the Media Content Server?
Yes. There are NO  restrictions on the format of content you can send - still or animated images like Gifs or Jpegs, or video content like TV ads or movie previews. You can also send out MP3 music files or other  sound files. They can all be sent using The Media Content Server.

Does it cost to send or receive messages?
No. The Media Content Server uses Bluetooth technology so there is no charge for sending or receiving messages other than the initial cost of the Media Content Server. You can never get charged for sending messages - and your customers will not be charged for receiving messages via Bluetooth.

Do you have a portable version of the Media Content Server?
Yes. Please contact our sales team about this device as it highly depends on what type of portable model you are interested in.

How can I measure the return on my investment?
The Media Content Server can literally pays for itself in the first hours of its use. When compared with other advertising mediums available like magazines or newspapers for example, then The Media Content Server software really does stand out. The software is yours to use every single day for life, in whatever area of the world you choose and with whatever advert you choose to send out. You are not restricted by location, publication or issue.

Could I use it anywhere in the world?
Yes, Bluetooth is a technology that utilizes the Bluetooth bandwidth in every country all over the world. You can take your Media Content Server with you and it will send out your content in whatever city or country you’re based or visiting.

Once an offer has been sent to a mobile device, does it continue to send to the same mobile?
No but you could do that if you wanted. The Advertisements are completely permission based and will only send your offer to mobiles that request it. Once a mobile has received or declined the content, the software will not re send the same content to the same mobile on the same campaign.

How successful is Bluetooth advertising?
Bluetooth advertising has become the fastest growing segment in marketing. Global brands are turning to Bluetooth advertising as a new way of reaching out to new and existing customers, Why?, its targeted, its direct, its permission based, it can request an immediate call to action, your contact details are stored and its free.

How is the software accessed?
The software is accessed using our Proximity Advertising’s Bluetooth Marketing Windows based desktop software or you can also use our Internet control panel.

Which Bluetooth advertising software does the system come with? Desktop and/or the Internet based control panel.

How are our advertisements accessed?
You will save your (Gif, Mp3, Jpg etc), to your provided USB memory or via the Internet if you use the provided Ethernet port.

Do you need to attach a monitor, keyboard and mouse to set the Bluetooth software up?
No you do not. You can use the desktop software or upload your content via Internet control panel.

Do you have 9dbi Omni directional Antenna upgrade?
Yes, we have a variety of optional Antenna’s; please contact us with your exact needs.