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Bluetooth Web-to-Mobile

One-Click files sending from Websites to Mobile devices.

We have now made it easy for Website Owners to allow their Internet surfers to download content directly to their mobile phone and other Bluetooth enabled devices.  We have created revolutionary easy to use software which enables any Internet surfer to One-Click content directly to their Bluetooth enabled device.  Any type of multimedia content can NOW be sent from any website for FREE.

Allow your website visitors to View your content, Click once, and Have it on their phone immediately.

We will optimize your content so that it is suitable for most mobile phones.


Types of Files Types that can be sent to Mobile Cell Phones:

  • Still images
  • Animated images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Java Applications
  • Calendar Event files
  • Business Card files

Each Internet surfer will download an easy to use software which will only be used when they click to send content to their mobile device. It is optional to have your company brand/logo embedded in this software.

If you would like to see a Demo or have any questions, contact us for more details at

  • Software & Integration Package, $999
  • Branded Software & Integration Package , $1599